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Interested in Keeping Chickens?


New to hen keeping then come to a beginner’s session

Dates can be found on the 'POL price and availability' page - please email to book your place

60min interactive talk tailored to the individual group, includes chicken anatomy, healthcare, feeding, housing, daily routine.

Meet the hens, handling / wing clipping practical session,

Q&A’s & 'Settling in your new hens' leaflet. (Session length will vary depending on the amount of attendees. Please allow 2hrs for your visit)

£15 per adult, children 4 - 16 £5, under 4’s FREE - Children welcomed but they must be supervised at all times.

We have horses, goats, sheep, dogs, poultry and other animals on the smallholding. Some chickens, ducks and turkeys will be loose.

Dogs can be walked on a lead in the CAR PARK AREA ONLY. Please DO NOT bring them in through the second gate / near to the chicken runs. Please do not let them get too close to the sheep fence. Please pick up any mess after them, please ask for a 'poo bag' if required.

Hens and starter kits are available to purchase after the session if required.

If you can't make any of the dates listed or you want a more personal session then I also offer private beginners sessions / petting sessions and consultancy

All the services below can be held at Three Acres, Stebbing Village Hall or an external location of your choice - ideal for brownies / cubs /gardening clubs / social groups / schools or even at your own home. Please note that a charge is made for diesel, travelling time, hall booking if required*

Private beginners session, includes handling (format at above) From £60 *(for up to 4 adults & 4 children), extra adults £15, extra children £2 each

Private petting / handling session - choose from goats or chickens - with Q & A session - £60 / hour* (up to 15 adults or children per hour for petting / handling)

Group talk with Q & A session - choose from; 'why keep chickens' or 'starting with chickens' - £60 / hour*

Consultancy - £10 for 15 mins - see below* 

I am a qualified veterinary nurse with a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science. I have 25 years experience looking after domestic and farm animals and I can offer advice on all aspects of hen keeping, housing (including siting and construction of housing and runs), healthcare; including preventing and treating parasites and dealing with injuries / minor ailments. 

*I am happy to be the first port of call if you are concerned about your hens health although I cannot diagnose or treat more serious conditions and will refer to a vet if necessary.  

If you wish to discuss anything not mentioned above please email me.



3 – 10 hybrid hens of your choice,

Plastic feeder, drinker and grit coop cup,

Layers pellets, mixed corn, flint grit, poultry spice,

ACV / Poultry Drink, Poultry Shield, VIRKON disinfectant, 

Louse / Mite powder, wood shavings,

'Settling in your new hens' leaflet.


(contents may vary from those pictured)


Upgrade 1 - Galvanised feeder and drinker (pre-order)

Upgrade 2 - Organic feed and louse powder (pre-order)


EGLU starter kits now available.





I keep up to 12 different varieties of hens in stock at any one time.

All of my hens are bred for their good temperament and laying ability.

Many varieties are suitable for first time keepers.

Hardy free rangers are available for commercial keepers at trade rates.

Availability varies throughout the year.


! Important information for visitors


Please wear suitable footwear. The ground may be slippery or uneven and you may be asked to foot dip.

Wellington boots are most suitable. Please do not wear open toed shoes as our hens may peck at your toes!

There are NO toilets, washing or refreshment facilities. Please come prepared for every eventuality.


Children are welcome but must be supervised at all times because of the potential risks involved where animals are present.

There is electric fencing around the paddocks, please DO NOT touch it!

Please do not attempt to touch or feed ANY animals unless specifically invited to do so by the animal keepers.

We ask you to remain vigilant at all times, you are responsible for your own and your children’s safety.


Appointments are required for viewing and hen collections. These are usually at weekends / evenings as this is my hobby.

Please bring a suitable pet carrier or box to transport your hens.

Payment is by CASH on the day; sorry I do not accept cheques or card payments.

Directions can be printed from the website. Please do not phone on the day to ask for directions as I may be busy.


To order your hens or starter kit, book a place on a beginner’s session, or for more information

please email kirsty@hensforhomes.co.uk or telephone Kirsty on 07739 514624

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